"Altena" estate à ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE

"Altena" estate à ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE


This development is located in Esch-Lallange, in the triangle formed by Cité Salvador Allende, Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte and Route de Luxembourg.

It is being built in several stages and will eventually consist of 18 single family homes and 180 apartments.

Construction work began in 2006 with the first block of houses, designed under the “écogio” label, which ensures that houses are built to low energy consumption standards.

The last block of apartments, “Levant”, is currently under construction. It is made up of living accommodation on the upper floors and office and retail space on the ground and first floors.

What makes this development unique is its Italian-inspired architecture and the decision to make the estate a traffic-free zone.

The entire project has been built in line with “ecogio”, the innovative concept of low energy consumption buildings. All living accommodation complies with energy class B criteria.

Running alongside this project are two other construction works: restoring the Dippach creek, and building a roundabout next to the Esch-Lallange church.
Construction period
Boulevard Grande Duchesse Charlotte Esch-sur-Alzette
Facts & Figures


10 apartment blocks
18 single family homes
Energy class B

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