Avalon Park & Lake estate à LUXEMBOURG-KIRCHBERG

Avalon Park & Lake estate à LUXEMBOURG-KIRCHBERG


Félix Giorgetti has successfully navigated the challenge of building a large residential complex called “Avalon” in Luxembourg’s business district of Kirchberg. Until now, this district was primarily given over to administrative buildings, serving the needs of European institutions and banks.

Blending natural beauty and privacy with the hustle and bustle of urban life and business activities, the “Avalon” residential development is perfectly in step with the pace of modern living, garnering it instant success.

This project was completed in several phases:
Phase 1 (1996-1998)147 apartments
Phase 2 (2000- 2002) 60 apartments
Phase 3 (2002-2004)122 apartments
Phase 4 (2004-2006) 37 apartments


Construction period
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Phase 1: 147 apartments

Phase 2: 60 apartments

Phase 3: 122 apartments

Phase 4: 37 apartments

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