Ban de Gasperich - Infrastructures à LUXEMBOURG-GASPERICH

Ban de Gasperich - Infrastructures à LUXEMBOURG-GASPERICH


The whole site covers 80 ha. Sustainable transport has been prioritised: tram, interchange station and cycle lanes segregated from the traffic on the boulevards, which are also present on the secondary roads and all along the eco corridor. Including pavements, cycle lanes, tram-reserved lanes, lanes for motor-vehicle traffic and buildings’ service roads, Boulevard Raiffeisen and Boulevard Kockelscheuer will be 48 m wide.

Boulevard Raiffeisen:

Boulevard Raiffeisen is characterised by bus and tram lanes to the side, and by service roads to the side, offering access to the buildings lining the boulevard. The main carriageway is delimited by strips of greenery, 6 m wide in the middle and 2 m wide on both sides. Boulevard Raiffeisen has 2 x 2 traffic lanes, with an expansion at the crossroads to incorporate the left-turn lanes.

Boulevard Kockelscheuer:

Boulevard Kockelscheuer comprises a national road and a service road to the side. The bus and tram lanes are laid out in the middle of the bidirectional carriageway, and are segregated from the traffic lanes by strips of greenery. The carriageway to the side includes islands of greenery segregating the cycle lanes and pavements from the traffic lanes.

Construction period
2015 - 2018

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