Lime House

Luxembourg - Cloche d'Or

Lime House

± 26,500m2 of office space

Lime House is an office building located between Rue Robert Stumper and Rue Leonardo da Vinci, which will be visible from Boulevard Raiffeisen, one of the main thoroughfares of the Cloche d’Or district and the extension of the Route d’Esch which leads to Luxembourg City centre.

The concept of a campus was used as the basis for devising this project. It presents a variety of volumes organised around a central space, like a backbone, with a ground floor that brings together common spaces and services including an auditorium, a restaurant and a forum.

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Functional and bright

Perfectly integrated into its natural environement

Its chameleon-like volume was designed to blend perfectly into its natural environment. The city on one side, nature on the other: Lime House is bordered by the Drosbach ecological corridor, thus focusing on green spaces and the well-being of its occupants, both outside and inside.

The idea behind Lime House is to offer a welcoming, sustainable, bright, elegant and functional building by leveraging its pure and innovative geometry to serve the organisation of its interior spaces. The structure features a large glazed surface, which allows natural light to reach all levels above ground.

Its timeless and striking facade is made of French natural stone. This noble and durable material is also recyclable, a value dear to Félix Giorgetti.

That’s why, in the case of Lime House, we imagined a building that meets today’s and tomorrow’s social and environmental challenges.

Organization of the building

Lime House is arranged over 4 levels, including an underground level, for a total gross surface area of 26,500m2. The main entrance is located on Rue Robert Stumper and the rear of the building overlooks Rue Leonardo da Vinci and the Drosbach ecological corridor where a new park and recreation facilities are being developed on the banks of the eponymous stream.

Lime House is a functional building with many volumes suitable for various purposes and generous surface areas:

  • Approximately 7,200m2 on the ground floor;
  • Approximately 6,300m2 on the 1st floor;
  • Approximately 6,500m2 on the 2nd floor;
  • Approximately 6,500m2 on the 3rd floor;
  • An underground level with approximately 150 parking spaces.

With the Lime House project, both development and layout can be tailored to your needs. Allow 30 months of construction from the date the building permit is obtained.


The new Cloche d’Or district enjoys an ideal location with easy access. It is located to the south of Luxembourg City at the level of the Croix de Gasperich interchange, the junction between the three A3, A1 and A6 motorway flows, coming respectively from France, Germany and Belgium.

In terms of mobility, the district is very well served and has been designed to facilitate travel for the thousands of people who come to work in Luxembourg: it alone has more than 5,500 parking spaces (7,000 in 2023) spread over three park and rides (Kockelscheuer, P+R Sud and P+R Cloche d’Or), which are served free of charge by the Luxembourg City network bus lines.

A genuine mobility hub has been created here, which is set to develop over the next few years. The tramway line, which currently links Kirchberg to the central station, will reach the Cloche d’Or district by 2023 and make it possible to get to the airport via the city centre. In addition, bicycle rental stations have been set up at various locations in the district.