Findel Business Centre à SANDWEILER

Findel Business Centre à SANDWEILER


Félix Giorgetti invested in this ambitious administrative complex which, since its completion, has been leased by high profile users such as the Grand Duchy police force and Ferrero International S.A.

It is located close to Luxembourg’s national airport, boasts ample parking and enjoys easy access to the motorway network and the centre of the capital.

With an above-ground total floor area of 26,000m2, the complex consists of six buildings divided into two blocks.

Each block had to be adapted during the construction process to suit the specific needs of its tenants. One of the key challenges facing our teams was modifying the ceiling heights, or, more specifically, reinforcing the thickness of the tiles, so that the Police’s highly specialised technical equipment could be installed. The same applied to all of their extremely specific needs in terms of air conditioning, ventilation, wiring, communication, access and security.

The interior layout was carried out by TDO, specialists in spatial planning and whose facility and building management teams continue to manage the complex.

The building was constructed between 2007 and 2010.
Construction period
Route de Trêves Findel - Sandweiler
Facts & Figures

Building volume: 180,420m3
Total surface area: 25,661m2 of office space
Car parks: 800 car parking spaces

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