Gasperich interchange à LUXEMBOURG-GASPERICH

Gasperich interchange à LUXEMBOURG-GASPERICH


The main challenge when constructing this type of “Bow String” bridge was how to cross over the A6 motorway which could only be closed off to traffic for 48 hours on a single weekend.

In order to overcome this obstacle, the whole of the pre-stressed concrete deck (including the steel frame for the arches) was completed at an assembly site away from the motorway.
The bridge was then assembled by pushing and moving it on special machinery until it reached the pre-prepared supports, straddling the motorway.

This construction phase also involved building a roundabout where the RN4 and CR186 roads intersect, along with a cycle path, and diverting several mains networks.
Construction period
Facts & Figures

Length of roadway: 50m

Width of roadway: 18.30m

Weight of roadway to be moved: 1,800 tonnes

Bridge installed in just 48 hours

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