Grouft tunnel à LORENTZWEILER

Grouft tunnel à LORENTZWEILER


The Grouft tunnel, masterpiece of the A7 motorway, links the Alzette valley with the Heeschdrëfferbierg plateau from the Lorentzweiler interchange. It is a twin-tube tunnel, one with two lanes (with a usable width of 10m) and the other with three lanes (with a usable width of 13.5m).
The north and south sides are excavated simultaneously so as to be able to connect the ends as quickly as possible. Furthermore, both tubes are worked on at the same time. Length of underground section: 2,966m.
Félix Giorgetti was responsible for the following works:

  • Site installation platforms;
  • Earthworks for north and south tunnel entrances, along with side wall strengthening works;
  • All road works inside and outside the tunnel


Construction period
Facts & Figures


Length of underground section: 2,966m

Total excavation volume: 800,000m3

Shotcrete and lining concrete: 170,000m3

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