Josy Barthel technical college à MAMER

Josy Barthel technical college à MAMER


The Josy Barthel technical college in Mamer (LTJBM) opened its doors at the start of the 2003/2004 school year, just four years after the building work started.

Among its facilities, the college boasts over 60 classrooms, 11 workshops, 3 sports halls and a 25 metre swimming pool.

The college was designed to accommodate 1,300 students, who follow the traditional basic secondary studies course as well as all other secondary technical courses.

It also specialises in delivering professional training in civil engineering and construction at national level.

Félix Giorgetti built the shell structure and developed the exterior surroundings of this major educational infrastructure extension project.

Construction period
Rue Gaston Thorn, 8268 Mamer
Facts & Figures

Concrete: 20,000m3
10x10 blocks used in paved areas: 8,500m2
Façade in exposed brick masonry: 11,000m2

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