Lorentzweiler interchange à LORENTZWEILER

Lorentzweiler interchange à LORENTZWEILER


Located on the right hand bank of the Alzette, at the foot of the “Kummersbierg”, the Lorentzweiler interchange was built to serve the Alzette valley, providing those living there with access to the A7 motorway.
The viaduct is a two-deck structure, with each deck measuring 14.5m wide.
The construction plans had to take into account the intersecting motorway and RN7 national road, as well as the Luxembourg - Mersch - Ettelbruck railway line.
Work included:
  • Diversion of mains networks;
  • Diversion of the RN7 national road;
  • Creation of two roundabouts;
  • A railway platform;
  • A viaduct enabling the A7 motorway (140m) to cross over the RN7 national road;
  • Motorway link section (200m);
  • Interchange ramps;
  • Several retention basins
Construction period
Facts & Figures

Concrete: 8,000m3

Formwork: 13,000m3

Blast furnace backfill: 100,000 tonnes

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