Luxair Cargocentre à FINDEL-BIRELHAF

Luxair Cargocentre à FINDEL-BIRELHAF


The Luxair Cargocentre was built by Félix Giorgetti between 1994 and 1996.

The complex comprises 55,000m2 of storage facilities and 12,000m2 of office space, as well as car parks and a fully landscaped exterior.

  • high-reach steel frame for storage facilities;
  • high-rise steel frame for automated vertical storage;
  • steel fibre slabs used across entire floor area.
Components used in construction
  • Steel: 4,300 tonnes;
  • Concrete: 30,000m3;
  • Three-dimensional frame: 5,000m2.


Construction period
Facts & Figures

Components used in construction:
- Steel: 4,300 tonnes
- Concrete: 30,000m3
- Three-dimensional frame: 5,000m2

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