Luxlait à BISSEN

Luxlait à BISSEN


The new Luxlait dairy is located on a 10 hectare site. The development groups together and consolidates all the operations from the old Merl and Ingeldorf sites.

The new factory is made up of 13 interlinked buildings covering an area of 23,200m2. In total, its parking and road surface covers an area of 35,000m2 and there is 39,000m2 of green space.
  • High-ceilinged halls with in-between levels;
  • Halls structured in part with prefabricated pre-stressed concrete pillars and beams, or high-reach steel frames for roofs;
  • Façades in exposed, prefabricated or translucent concrete;
  • High-rise concrete firewalls between halls;
  • Building volume: 310,000m3;
  • Building surface area: 23,200m2;
  • Total volume of concrete used: approx. 20,000m3;
  • Total area of concrete walls: approx. 8,000m2;
  • Drilled and cased concrete piles: 90 piles totalling approx. 900m in length;
  • Prefabricated concrete pillars: 170 piles totalling approx. 1,700m in length;
  • Treated or untreated concrete slab: 23,200m2.
Construction period
Facts & Figures

Building volume: 310,000m3
Building surface area: 23,200m2
Total volume of concrete used: approx. 20,000m3

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