Micheville link road – Plot 2 à BELVAL - OUEST

Micheville link road – Plot 2 à BELVAL - OUEST


Southward extension of the Micheville - Central Gate tunnel: this is the first section of the tunnel that passes underneath the railway line, coincidentally under the nine CFL cargo lines, by digging beneath the in-service tracks.

The overlap height between the tunnel profile and the tracks is very small.

Drilling, installation of injected concrete horizontal pillars to create an umbrella arch along the top of the tunnel, which acts as a tunnel face and ground stabilisation measure.

The pre-fabricated tunnel is on a flat, guiding platform, followed by gradual excavation as it moves along. Concrete is injected into the empty spaces around the tunnel.

Lastly, the link road is created between the new tunnel and the existing tunnel under Boulevard Micheville. A tower will also be constructed on this section of the link road.
Construction period
Belval-Ouest, Esch-sur-Alzette
Facts & Figures

Jacking structures comprising two concrete frames

Length: 38.11m
Width: 25.80m
Height: 10.68m
Weight: 8,000 tonnes
Concrete: 6,450m3
Framework: 1,180 tonnes
Tunnelling earthworks: 5,400m3
Pushed back: from 3 to 15 March 2008

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