Félix Giorgetti honours his loyal collaborators

On friday the 4th of July, at the traditionnal summer party, Paul and Marc Giorgetti, the directors of Félix Giorgetti, celebrated their most loyal collaborators.
The workers, honoured for 15 and 16 years of service, were :

They was thanked for having spent 25 and 26 years in the company :

For 35 years of service, he was specially thanked :

In celebration of its 40 years of loyalty to the company, Marc and Paul GIORGETTI honoured BRANDAO DE BARROS Mario.

The awarded employees were GIORGETTI Jacqueline and RACKE Jos for 41 and 40 years of service ; KONEN Georges and SILVESTRI Tun for 35 years, and ROSKAM Jean-Michel for 31 years spent in the company.
FEIDER Paul and BRAQUET Michel were also celebrated for 25 years of service, as well as SCHANDEL Claude, METZLER PHILIPPE and DE ALMEIDA MARTINS Romeo for 16 years of loyalty.

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