Inauguration of the monument to the victims of the “Op Wäimerecht” road


This statue commemorates the victims of road accidents and aims to support those who have lost a loved one in an accident.

The idea for such a monument came from the national road accident victims association in Junglister, the road construction and maintenance department, the water and forests departments and the not-for-profit association ‘natur&emwelt’. The remembrance area at the entrance to the site offers an uninterrupted view over the valley, with access to the chemin de la vie (way of life) that leads to the meditation zone.

The meditation monument designed by artist Nico Thurm consists of 9 memorial pillars. Depending on the time of day and the season, these pillars can influence the play of light and shade, anchoring the visitor to the ground while allowing them to lift their gaze.

The place is designed to provide a source of inspiration and offer a haven of quiet reflection. Encircling the car park is a series of 27 walnut trees, considered by the Celts to symbolise courage and power, in recognition of the 27 countries in the European Community.

The statue was inaugurated in the presence of many people including Jean-Claude Hollerich, archbishop of Luxembourg, ministers Hetto-Gaasch and Claude Wiseler and the Mayor Francine Colling-Kahn, as well as Father Francis Erasmy.

The entire ensemble was produced by Félix Giorgetti.

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