Progress report on the Junglinster bypass


The Junglinster bypass begins to the east of this locality, at the N11/CR121 crossroad that will be transformed into a roundabout, and goes toward the south, bypasses the ‘Reiland’ residential area and then follows along the edge of the ‘Heed’ plateau and spans the Aessebaach valley via a 444 metre long viaduct.  It then connects to the " Laangwiss " business area by a roundabout, passes under the N11 highway to reach the old route with a large loop connecting back to the N11 at the entrance of the town of Gonderange.

Felix Giorgetti completed Lot 2 of the bypass, concerning a covered section on the O.A.110 that was 150 m long and 5.70 m high. The covered section consists of a 14.75 m wide reinforced concrete portico.

Working is currently underway on Lot 3. The viaduct of Lot 3 is the most important part of the bypass construction. Given the configuration of the Aessebach valley, the viaduct must be 444 m in length and rise up 30 m from the natural ground level.

The width of the deck will be 17 m, corresponding to three lanes.


Lot 4 of Lënsterbierg will be the last part of the bypass. It concerns:

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