The quarry GBA s.p.r.l. joins the Giorgetti group

In times of ecopolitical uncertainty, Félix Giorgetti continues to invest

On the 4th December, the Félix Giorgetti company, represented by M. Paul Giorgetti and M. Marc Giorgetti, and the owners of the company Grès du Bois d’Anthisnes S.p.r.l. (GBA), signed a contract to integrate GBA to the Félix Giorgetti group.

GBA is the operator of the Bois d’Anthisnes quarry, located on the hills of Poulseur, near by Liège, in Belgium. It produces the well known hard-sandstone called «Monfort» since 1899 and provides high quality gravel, one of the most important raw materials for the production of asphalt.

It’s a long-term investment

“In times of uncertainty, that we are experiencing nowadays, it is quite important to keep a long-term vision and to anticipate the market evolution, » explains M. Marc Giorgetti.
“With this investment we face the growing scarcity of raw materials needed for the production of asphalt in Europe and we reduce the risk of considerable price increases for crushed gravel.”

With the signature of this contract, the GBA Company becomes an integral part of the Félix Giorgetti group.

Thanks to its important stone resources on approx. 60 hectares of land, this joint-venture allows the Giorgetti group to ensure the long term existence of its subsidiary Julien Cajot, specialising in producing and laying of asphalt surfaces.

The sandstone, of an exceptional quality, makes the production of all kind of rubble stones, kerbstones, slabs and paving blocks possible. The other member companies of the Giorgetti group can provide themselves for their outdoor arrangement services they offer.

“We are very proud and honoured, that GBA accepted to join our group. The GBA Company keeps its independency and continues to run under its name. The management and the staff will remain in place; the prior owners will support the team for additional two years in order to ensure the business continuity,” confirm Paul and Marc Giorgetti.


Contact information:


route de la Malle Poste 3

B-4171 Poulseur

Tel.: +32 4 3802771

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