Omega Business Centre à LUXEMBOURG-CENTRE

Omega Business Centre à LUXEMBOURG-CENTRE


In 1998, Félix Giorgetti invested in the construction of this administrative complex, with a total surface area of around 9,000m2.

The complex is made up of three buildings, two of which are dedicated to office space and one to a car park:


  • The Omega I building has a cubic volume of 24,656m3, including 4,960m2 of office space,
  • The Omega II building has a cubic volume of 31,130m3, including 4,520m2 of office space,
  • The Omega III building has a cubic volume of 19,256m3, including 230m2 of car parking space.

It is currently being leased by the high profile users UNION Investment Luxembourg S.A. and the State of Luxembourg.

Construction period
Route d'Esch et Rue Verte , Luxembourg - Ville
Facts & Figures

Omega I: 4,960m2 of office space
Omega II: 4,520m2 of office space
Omega III: 230m2 of car parking space

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