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2020 - 2024


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GRIDX Activity Centre in Wickrange

In Wickrange, route des Trois Cantons, Félix Giorgetti is building a large-scale project in partnership with Kuhn Construction. A mixed-use project of approximately 90,000 m² which extends over more than 3 ha.

A few minutes from the capital and close to the borders, on the route des Trois Cantons, that Felix Giorgetti realizes a new mixed activity center, in partnership with Kuhn Construction. A project of more than 90,000m² gross built on a site of 3.3ha. It is a complex composed of a commercial area and a future housing estate developed and built by Félix Giorgetti.

The start was given in January 2020, when the intense and vast task of earthworks began, with some 260,000m³ of excavated material being removed. The excavators and dumpers then gave way to concrete mixers, formwork panels and, above all, 9 Skyliners: six tower cranes, two mobile cranes and one crawler crane. 

This new center has been designed as a new pole of attractiveness and brings together many activities:

  • Artisanal and commercial  ;
  • Desks  ;
  • Hotel ;
  • A large capacity park house.


Gross built






Metallic structure



4 working zones

The scale of the site is such that it has been divided into four zones. In total, up to 85 people, workers and supervisors, work in this huge hive where the complex is gradually emerging from the ground.

As for the construction itself, the main building as well as the offices are composed of a metallic frame with floors in collaborative steel tanks, the external elevations are in reinforced concrete poured on site and in premurs in the interior. For the offices, the concrete slab is smoothed and left rough.

The seven-storey, 40m high hotel is made of prefabricated sandwich panels measuring 8.10 x 3.05m and weighing up to 12 tons for the heaviest. These are concrete walls that include both insulation and finishing. These structural elements save a lot of time.

The spiral ramp, a real technical challenge

This is the most spectacular element of the project: the spiral ramp.  With a diameter of 25.5m and a height of 37.5m, the structure is impressive. 

The two-way structure serves to distribute the eight parking levels of the park house as well as level -1.

700m³ of concrete were needed to build the 24cm thick reinforced concrete walls.  The rounded structure, made of reinforced concrete cast in place, requires special formwork using Sateco CTR formwork to achieve the curvature. It also includes over 57 tons of reinforcement.

Once the elevations were completed, the steel frame was installed, as well as the steel decking, and finally the concrete was poured for the slab to form a ramp with a 6.6% slope.  


A strategic place

Wickrange, a municipality in the southwest of Luxembourg, is located at the crossroads of major roads, slightly outside the capital and a few minutes from the Belgian, French and German borders.

The X-Center is only 2 hours away from major cities such as Strasbourg, Aachen or Brussels and 3 hours away from metropolises such as Paris or Lille.

Key figures

Ramp diameter


Ramp height


Parking levels


Ramp framework