Raiffeisen Bank’s new head office à LEUDELANGE

Raiffeisen Bank’s new head office à LEUDELANGE


The Raiffeisen Bank has invested in a new administrative building in Leudelange with a floor area of 18,000m2, 9,000m2 of which are above-ground.

The building’s design was the result of a close collaborative effort between our technical departments and the ‘architecture & urbanisme 21, Worré & Schiltz’ firm of architects.

The building’s external appearance features a natural stone façade and a large glass roof above the central atrium.

The interiors were designed by TDO Consulting, one of our group’s subsidiaries.

In terms of the techniques used, the building is at the cutting edge of technological progress. Air conditioning and heating operate using a system of environmentally-responsive tiles. The movement of warm or cold air being forced through the tiles heats or cools the office’s ambient air.

We started work in the middle of 2011, and one of the project’s biggest challenges is to achieve a turnkey handover by September 2013.

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Floor areas: 9,000m2 above-ground and 9,000m2 below-ground


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