Designed to provide in-patient and out-patient care services for the treatment, functional re-education and rehabilitation of accident victims, the Rehazenter constitutes a vital element in terms of the country’s medical and therapeutic facilities.

Setting up these facilities on the Kirchberg plateau, near a brand new hospital, is helping to make this site a first-class complex in the medical treatment sector.

It consists of a multi-purpose building on four floors, with in-patient and therapy areas, a swimming pool with a therapy pool, a sports hall, an auditorium, apartments, administrative offices, technical units and an underground car park.

Félix Giorgetti was responsible for carrying out the shell construction works for this new development, the foundation stone for which was laid on 23 April 2004.

Much of the construction used smooth, grey, exposed concrete blocks in aesthetically arranged formwork, as did the walls of the sports hall, swimming pool, therapy pools and traffic areas, etc.

The exposed concrete beams in the sports hall and swimming pool, as well as the staircases and façade sun-shields, were pre-manufactured on-site.

Pipework, masonry, rendering, metalwork and specialist technical elements all blend in seamlessly with the exposed concrete.

The new facilities became fully operational in February 2007.

Construction period
1 r. André Vésale , 2674 Luxembourg
Facts & Figures

Concrete: 31,000m3
Formwork: 76,300m2
37,000m2 of which was for exposed concrete
Framework: 3,900 tonnes
Pre-cast slabs: 13,000m2
Pre-cast walls: 1,500m2

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