Construction operations


With a hundred years’ experience in all types of construction, Félix Giorgetti is a leading name in its field throughout Luxembourg.

Our trained and qualified personnel will ensure that all work is conducted with the greatest of care and attention in order to guarantee the quality for which we are known.


Our expertise extends not just to project design and development but also primarily encompasses a consummate ability to construct buildings of any kind. This expertise is characterised by our use of complex and innovative technical solutions and our ability to adhere to completion deadlines and budgets.


As pictures speak louder than words, why not consult the list of projects we’ve undertaken, and watch the films of our tunnel-moving operation as part of Plot 4 of the Micheville link road, completed in a record time of under 72 hours, or the installation of the Gasperich interchange bridge, which crosses the motorway bypassing Luxembourg City.


Clearly, these projects would have been impossible had we not had the right human resources and machines for the job.