Stafelter tunnel à LORENTZWEILER

Stafelter tunnel à LORENTZWEILER


Linking the Waldhaff interchange in the south to the Heeschdrëfferbierg plateau in the north, the Stafelter tunnel is a two-way, twin-tube construction. Its underground section is 1,850m in length, 1,650m of which is tunnel and 200m a cut-and-cover section.
Félix Giorgetti was responsible for the following works:

  • Site installation platforms;
  • Earthworks for the north and south entrances and for the cut-and-cover section;
  • Road works inside and outside the tunnel;
  • Tunnel portal arrangements.


Construction period
A7 motorway: Lorentzweiler/Walferdange, Luxembourg
Facts & Figures

Length of underground section: 1,850m

of which:

Tunnel: 1,650m

Cut-and-cover section: 200m

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