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True to our history and our roots, Félix Giorgetti is a large family of more than 740 members, and even more than 3,000 at Group level. We are proud to have talented people working with us, making us a company known for the quality of its work, its performance and its ability to innovate.

Working with us means working with a major player in the construction and real estate industry in Luxembourg. Our employees are our most valuable assets. Their qualifications and motivation are the basis of our success.

As a company that is more than 100 years old, providing employment is fundamental and have always been concerned to maintain this principal, even when economic circumstances were not favourable. This is how we work with our employees in a climate of trust and a spirit of solidarity. Together, we will accomplish great projects and continue to write the history of our company and of Luxembourg.

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We are constantly looking for new talents. If you do not happen to find the job offer that corresponds to you, do not hesitate to send us your CV (with photo) as well as your cover letter to spontaneous applications we might create a position just for you.

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