Family - Tradition - Performance

Our story of a general construction company starts at the end of the 19th century. Today, Félix Giorgetti is still owned and run by the family and is one of Luxembourg’s leading names in the construction and property industry.

How it all began


1890 - 1900

A group of young people, all from the same village of Brissago (in Italy’s Varese province), left their country to work in Luxembourg, where they started out as labourers in the building industry. Among this group were Achille Giorgetti and his two brothers Francesco and Eustache Giorgetti.
Shortly after arriving, Achille and Francesco Giorgetti founded the first “Giorgetti” building company, which operated primarily in the south of the country.


Following the death of Francesco Giorgetti, Achille Giorgetti took over the business on his own.


Eustache Giorgetti joined Achille’s business. He led the construction of several prestigious buildings in the country, including the head office of Arbed (now Arcelor - Mittal) in Luxembourg City.


Eustache Giorgetti decided to work for himself and created his own construction business in Bettembourg.




After the turmoil of the Second World War, Eustache Giorgetti re-launched his activities, this time with his two sons, Félix and Paul, on board.
Eustache Giorgetti & Sons, S.E.N.C. played an active part in rebuilding the country.


Eustache Giorgetti stepped down from the helm of his business and his two sons became the company’s directors.


Following the death of Paul Giorgetti, the business was managed solely by Félix Giorgetti.


Eustache Giorgetti & Sons, S.E.N.C. was dissolved. All of the business’ assets were taken over by Félix Giorgetti and his wife Jeanny Giorgetti-Theisen. They continued to operate their construction business under the name of “Entreprise Félix Giorgetti” (“Félix Giorgetti Company”).



Paul and Marc Giorgetti, Félix’s two sons, joined the business.


Paul and Marc Giorgetti founded Skyliners, which specialised in the hire and sale of tower cranes.
This company has since become one of the biggest subsidiaries of the Félix Giorgetti group and ranks top of its sector in the Greater Region of Luxembourg.


The solely owned Entreprise Félix Giorgetti changed its name and legal form. It became a capital-based company under the name of “Félix Giorgetti SARL - General construction company”. This company now constitutes the hub of all of our operational activities.
Acquired a stake in the public limited company Recyma, which focuses on prospecting, developing, building and operating facilities for recycling inert materials generated by construction sites.


The business moved into its new administrative building in Cloche d’Or, Luxembourg, sparking a fresh sense of momentum. Not only was it installed in its new premises, the business had just launched itself as a developer and investor for administrative premises. This was a decisive step in terms of future growth for the entire group.


The Giorgetti-Theisens brought their two sons, Paul and Marc, into the construction company.


After the death of Félix Giorgetti, Paul and Marc took over the company’s management.




Acquired a stake in Ferrac SARL, the biggest reinforcement company in Luxembourg.


Took over the activities of TDO Consulting S.A, a leading name in project, building & facility management, with the aim of expanding its expertise in the area of administrative and commercial property management services.
The business formed its own captive reinsurance company, known as G-Ré S.A..


Acquired a stake in Kuhn S.A., the oldest construction business in Luxembourg and also “purveyor to the Court”.
This operation constituted a significant step forward in terms of expanding the group’s range of products and services.
Introduction of the “écogio” label and concept for all types of residential property construction. This saw the group become a pioneering driving force in the field of sustainable, low-energy construction.


Creation of “Giolog” in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with Adi Logistics Concepts & Planning. The new business specialises in developing logistics, industrial and public utility projects.


Creation of “Skyliners France” with a view to extending its tower crane rental and sales business to include the market of northern France.
Opening of a new estate agency, Giorgetti & Kuhn, in Luxembourg city centre, designed to meet its customers’ needs for property services.


The business continued its diversification activities and took over the Julien Cajot company, a leading name in the coated materials sector.


With its ongoing interest in new technologies, the business is contributing financially to the development of Euromac 2, a French company specialising in the manufacture of high performance insulation and alternative construction techniques.