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The Giorgetti family

Félix Giorgetti is a general construction and property development company founded by members of a family who came from Italy at the end of the 19th century. It is responsible for the construction of some of the most iconic buildings and civil engineering projects in Luxembourg.

Telling Félix Giorgetti is to evoke the story of a family that left their native Italy to go to work in a rapidly developing country, Luxembourg. This is the tale of ambitious and daring young men who started their own construction business. A bet that turned out to be a winning strategy, since then the company has continued to grow and carry out projects that have shaped the landscape of Luxembourg today.

Telling Félix Giorgetti is describing the story of a centenary family business whose ambitions have led it to carry out large-scale projects, to become a recognized and leading player in the construction industry and real estate in Luxembourg.

Public, private and administrative buildings, housing estates, apartment buildings and houses, schools, theatres, hospitals, sports stadiums and museums, logistics, commercial and industrial infrastructures, roads, tunnels, bridges and viaducts… From its beginnings as a builder, Félix Giorgetti has expanded its reach to become expert in all construction trades.

Our exemplary organization is the key to our success for the smooth running of our projects and complete control of our production chain, as well as our desire to surround ourselves with the best talents.

Because telling Félix Giorgetti is to present a company that has become a group gathering complementary partner companies to carry out major projects. A group that now employs more than 1,000 people. Talented employees who are passionate about their work, exacting standards as an organisation, and complete control of the production chain are the keys to its success and longevity.

This combination has allowed Félix Giorgetti to accomplished great projects for over a century and remains its ambition for the future.

The beginnings

1898 — 1937

Example of a construction site from the beginning of the 20th century.
Group of workers on a construction site in the 1900s.

1890 - 1900

A group of young men from the village Brissago (Varese) leave Italy to make their living in Luxembourg. This group includes, among others, Achille Giorgetti and the two brothers Francesco and Eustache Giorgetti.

Shortly after their arrival, Achilles and Francesco set up their own construction company which operates mainly in the south of the country.


Following the death of Francesco Giorgetti, Achille, then only 26 years old, takes over the business.

Achille Giorgetti


Eustache Giorgetti joins Achille’s construction business as foreman of works, before returning to Italy to do his military service.

The Bonn Frères building, flagship building in the city centre.


Following the Armistice, Eustache Giorgetti returns from Italy. In 1923 he is joined by his wife and their three young children, Maria, Paul and Félix (the latter born in 1920, and later to become father to Jacqueline, Paul and Marc).

Eustace then leads the construction of the Arbed (now Arcelor-Mittal) headquarters in Luxembourg City. This historic monument is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious achievements of the first generation of the Giorgetti family business. It was followed by the construction of other notable buildings on Avenue de la Liberté, one of the most emblematic streets of the capital.

The headquarters of Arbed, built under the direction of Eustache Giorgetti as foreman in Achille’s company.
The headquarters of Arbed, built under the direction of Eustache Giorgetti as foreman in Achille’s company.
Post Luxembourg building


Eustache Giorgetti creates his own construction company in Bettembourg.

La Consolidation

1946 — 1979

Eustache Giorgetti
Camion Giorgetti


After the turmoil of the Second World War, Eustache Giorgetti restarted his activities in construction and brought his two sons Félix and Paul together.

“Eustache Giorgetti & fils, S.e.n.c. »Takes an active part in the reconstruction of the country.


Under the management of brothers Paul and Félix, several of the Grand Duchy’s flagship buildings are constructed: the Sacré Coeur Clinic on Avenue Gaston Diderich in Luxembourg City, the Bohler Clinic on Route d’Arlon and the European School on Boulevard de la Foire.

Sacré-Cœur Clinic
The European School
Félix Giorgetti with the Sisters of the Sacré-Cœur Clinic.


Eustache Giorgetti retires at the age of 75. His two sons Paul and Félix take over the management of the company

Children’s hospital
Fieldgen private school

1958 - 1960

These years were marked by strong evolution in construction technologies and techniques. Giorgetti constructs important public buildings, schools and clinics: the children’s hospital (Kannerklinik) and the Fieldgen private school on rue d'Anvers, as well as the offices of the insurance company La Baloise on Boulevard Roosevelt.

The Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg
Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg

1959 - 1964

Eustache Giorgetti & Fils is entrusted with the construction of the Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg. This major project puts the company's ingenuity and flexibility to the test. In order to circumvent the conflicts of interest between two Italian quarries, the sole suppliers of the Zebrato stones used in cladding the facade, Giorgetti built a dedicated cable car 2,000 m above sea level to transport the stones for the theatre.

Also, following the unexpected departure of the architect, along with the construction plans, the company had to finalise the project with a Luxembourg-City architect, using only the means at hand.

Paul Giorgetti


After the death of Paul Giorgetti, Félix Giorgetti assumes sole control of the company.

Felix Giorgetti

1970 - 1973

The construction of the Beggen water treatment plant, with its particular architecture, is further proof of Giorgetti’s ingenuity.

This highly technical project required the construction of two circular settling tanks 42 m in diameter.

Formwork for the two 42 m diameter settling tanks.
Construction of the Beggen water treatment plant.
Construction of two circular settling tanks for the water treatment plant.

1972 -1974

The early 1970s heralded new ambitions for Félix Giorgetti as the company decides to expand its activities and become a property promoter. Faced with a difficulty to access public market, Félix Giorgetti decided to create his own opportunities and acquired its own land to upon which it could develop, build and sell housing.

In 1973, the Domaine de Gasperich came into being, a residential estate with 131 houses and 6 apartment blocks. This, along with another large housing project, the Mont Royal estate in Mamer, which would come to count more than 500 houses, launches Félix Giorgetti into this new activity.

The Mont Royal estate in Mamer has more than 500 houses.
The Domaine de Gasperich, started in 1973, includes 131 houses.
The Domaine de Gasperich, started in 1973, includes 131 houses.

This period was also one of the company’s most turbulent. With the oil crash of 1973 and subsequent crisis, there was little appetite for real estate. Consequently, many construction and real estate companies went out of business.

At that time Félix Giorgetti employed 400 people and, as a family company, refused to lay-off a single one. It even pre-financed the work of certain projects, including in Mamer, to keep them employed. A sound investment as, after several uncertain months with no sales, recovery finally began.

Economic activity resumed and, what is referred to as, the Splendid Twenty” began. The boom period from the mid-1980s to 2007, where the average annual growth rate of the Grand Duchy reached 5.3%.

Development work on the Saint-Esprit plateau, buildings and parking lot (1983-1986) and tunnel (1984-1988).
Early works on the Giorgetti workshop and depot located on 6 ha of land in Leudelange.


The company Eustache Giorgetti & fils, S.e.n.c. is dissolved and is taken over by the couple Félix Giorgetti and Jeanny Giorgetti-Theisen. They continue under the name Entreprise Félix Giorgetti.

Entreprise Félix Giorgetti then sets up a depot with a workshop on 6 ha of land in Leudelange, from where the management and maintenance of all Giorgetti vehicles, equipment and machinery takes place.

The Expansion

1980 — 1996

Work on the Saint-Esprit tunnel between 1988 and 1989.
The flagship building on the Plateau du Saint-Esprit and entrance to underground car park.

Early 1980s

Félix Giorgetti conducts notable road and mobility projects, including the Saint-Esprit plateau with its building, car park and tunnel.

Marc, Félix and Paul Giorgetti, a new chapter begins.


Paul and Marc Giorgetti, Félix's two sons, join their father in the family business.


Visionaries both, Paul and Marc Giorgetti create the company Skyliners, active in the rental and sale of LIEBHERR tower cranes.

Their vision proves true as this company is now one of the largest subsidiaries of the Félix Giorgetti group and occupies a market leader position in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Creation of Skyliners S.A., now market leader in the Grand Duchy and in the Greater Region.
BAK building on Kirchberg.

Administrative buildings and housing developments are built during this period including the BAK building (Kirchberg administrative building) and the third administrative building of the European Parliament, both on Kirchberg.


Entreprise Félix Giorgetti, a sole proprietorship company, changes its name and legal form, transforming to the capitalised company “Félix Giorgetti S.à r.l. - Entreprise générale de construction.” This company is now the core of all operational activities.

One of the two Lys Royal residences at the entrance to the Les Hauts St. Lambert estate.
Les Hauts St. Lambert has 46 single-family houses.

The acquisition of a stake in the public limited company Recyma takes place. The objective being the prospecting, development, construction and operation of recycling sites for inert materials from construction sites.

Work on the Les Hauts St. Lambert, a housing project in the Limpertsberg district nears completion. A total of 49 apartments, 17 bungalows and 46 houses are built.

Construction of the new Félix Giorgetti head-office. Moving-in date 1992.


The company gains a new impetus when it moves to its new administrative headquarters in Cloche d’Or. This move accompanies the launch of a new activity, that of developer/investor in office spaces. This is a decisive step that will further the development of the entire group.


The Giorgetti-Theisen couple bring their two sons, Paul and Marc, into the business.


Following the death of Félix Giorgetti, management is taken over by Paul and Marc Giorgetti.

1996 - 1998

The Luxembourg government launches a call for tenders to construct housing on the Kirchberg, which at that time was simply an office district intersected by a motorway. The idea was to bring a little more life to the area after office hours. In association with other local partners, Félix Giorgetti is given the mandate for the construction of Avalon, a major residential complex. The first phase of this project involves the construction of 147 apartments. While construction works are in full swing, Félix Giorgetti assumes management of the development, taking its place as a real estate developer in Luxembourg.


1997 — 2016

The Saar motorway links Pétange to Germany bypassing the capital.


The acquisition of a stake in the company Ferrac S.à r.l., the largest reinforcement works company in the Grand Duchy takes place.

The Schoenfels interchange forms the junction of the Route du Nord with the CR102 to the southwest of Mersch.
Occupied by the European Parliament, Tower A has 27 levels, including 5 in the basement.


At the request of the Luxembourg government, Félix Giorgetti agrees to the construction of Tower A on the Kirchberg, using it own funds and without any rental guarantee. The company takes this risk on the condition that it retains full ownership of the land. This proves to be an astute decision as the 27-storey building was at first leased to the European Parliament and later sold to the Luxembourg government.

The Grouft tunnel, a 2,966 m underground structure was built between 2005 and 2010.
The Gasperich bridge was put in place in the record time of 48 hours.

The company sets up its own reinsurance company, the Captive G-Ré S.A.

Bow-string bridge in Gasperich. A highly technical site where the pre-built bridge had to be transported via motorway.
TDO Consulting S.A. brings new skills in the design and management of spaces and interiors.


Félix Giorgetti takes over the activities of the project, building & facility management company TDO Consulting S.A., with the aim of broadening its skills in the management of administrative and commercial buildings.

The 2000s see the company enter a new period, confirming its leadership position in the construction of roads, civil engineering, bridges and tunnels.

Headquarters of Kuhn Construction, the oldest family-owned construction company in the Grand Duchy.


Félix Giorgetti acquires a stake in Kuhn Construction S.A., the oldest construction company in the Grand Duchy, also designated “Supplier to the Court of Luxembourg.”

This is an important move for the company, completing the range of products and services on offer by the group.

Domaine Altena in Esch sur Alzettte, the first project conducted according to the new concept “écogio” concept.

Launch of the company’s “ecogio” label and construction concept for all residential real estate constructions. The group thus becomes a pioneer and key player in the creation sustainable buildings with low energy consumption.

The Dairy House on boulevard d'Avranches. An 8,000 m2 building where all interior fittings were done by TDO.
The prestigious Findel Business Centre with six buildings totalling 25.661 m2.
The Micheville Central Gate tunnel and extension of the A4 at Esch to France, passes under seven CFL cargo lines. The shifting of this tunnel was conducted in the record time of 72 hours!


Confirming its position of market leader, Giorgetti makes a significant contribution to the construction of the Nordstroos by building the Grouft tunnel (2,966 m), a wildlife passage (150 m), the Stafelter tunnel (1,850 m), as well as running sections.

The Grouft tunnel, a 2,966 m underground structure was built between 2005 and 2010.
The Stafelter tunnel, 1,800 m long.
Julien Cajot's production site located in Leudelange.

2010 - 2014

The company continues to diversify with the take-over of the asphalt specialists Julien Cajot.

The GBA operating site, Grès du Bois d´Anthisnes, in Belgium.


The Poulsar quarry companies in Belgium join the group. This move provides Giorgetti with greater control over its production chain and allows it to guarantee Cajot's supply chain.

The KPMG headquarters in Kirchberg, constructed between 2012 and 2014. Its corten facade is emblematic of the business district.


Félix Giorgetti takes a stake in Concept + Partners, a start-up in the hospitality sector, which owns restaurants and bars in Luxembourg. The objective is to invest in a new sector and expand skills and activities in order to support new commercial ambitions.

In 2016, Félix Giorgetti becomes more ambitious in real estate, embarking on the development of more large-scale projects.

Towards new ambitions

2018 — today

Construction of Lighthouse One, RTL Group's new headquarters in Kirchberg, part of the mixed Media Bay area.

Always with the aim of being as versatile and responsive as possible, Félix Giorgetti is modernizing his depot in Leudelange by expanding his mechanical workshop and integrating a paint and body shop, a high-pressure washing station and a pneumatic center for the vehicle fleet of group entities.

Félix Giorgetti is also implementing new working methods with the creation of new services. The Lean construction service optimizes the progress of construction sites by improving the efficiency of daily tasks and increasing productivity. The Methods department supports this continuous improvement process. Its objective is to define production processes in order to improve productivity and form a link between the design and the completion of the works.

A new training centre allows us to stay on top of new equipment and working methods and instruct our teams.

These changes have enabled us to perform better and enhance safety at work for our employees.

Between 2016 and 2019 Félix Giorgetti and Kuhn Construction conduct phase 1 of the new Champs du Soleil housing unit in Steinfort, which has 136 apartments.

Our "écogio" label is expanding beyond our residential buildings. Félix Giorgetti is fully committed to a circular economy approach, to the sorting, recycling and optimization of materials. The company continues to develop new projects and applies its ingenuity to create ideas that keep pace with the latest environmental requirements.

Building on its local roots, substantial experience and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market in the Grand Duchy, Félix Giorgetti has set up a dedicated asset and investment management service, allowing us to provide valuable advice to our clients who wish to invest. On their behalf we conduct financial and project feasibility studies by analysing what is possible to achieve in terms of volume and surface.

Since 2018: realization of several large-scale projects in the Cloche d´Or district, such as the bridge crossing the A6 motorway, the extension of Kockelscheuer boulevard, the national football & rugby stadium and the P + R car park with 2,000 spaces.

This set of strategic decisions has permitted Félix Giorgetti to become more efficient, responsive and flexible for ever more ambitious projects. Respect for deadlines, budgets and the environment are values that are dear to us.

Félix Giorgetti is building a large part of the new Luxembourg-City/Bettembourg railway line.

Since 2018, Félix Giorgetti has completed notable projects of all types in Luxembourg:

• the carcass work of the national stadium at La Cloche d´Or, where we optimized the construction process and used a new formwork method,

• the construction of major road works (the bridge over Kockelscheuer boulevard, the new Bettembourg-Luxembourg train line in particular)

• the completion of network, road and infrastructure projects like the Cloche d'Or P&R in Mersch and Rodange, the enlargement of the Büchler bridge and the Kockelscheuer boulevard, which have improved mobility in Luxembourg,

• the realization of our mixed Media Bay project with the construction of the two Lighthouse towers (RTL headquarters), the development of the four residences and the completion of phase 1 of the Champs du Soleil project in Steinfort,

• the construction of administrative buildings for large national and international companies, such as Lighthouse One for RTL in Kirchberg, Casa Ferrero for the Italian food giant and Union Investment in Findel.

The fourth generation of the Giorgetti family is gradually joining the company. The children of Paul and Marc bring a new vision along with new commercial and development ambitions. The spectrum of Félix Giorgetti's historical activities is broadening.


The creation of a digital hub to support the group's companies in their digitalization, as well in latest trends in digital communication.