Logistics Centre

At the heart of our operational success

Our logistics center located in Leudelange manages and maintains all of our equipment, vehicles and construction machinery

Already in 1979, Félix Giorgetti anticipated the central role of performant logistics, machine maintenance and site supplies. In our logistics center of 50,000m2 we store and centrally manage all of our work tools and equipments; this unique concept makes the "excellence of the service" we provide today. A major asset for delivering projects on time and on budget.

Invest for success

Our logistics center has always been the subject of an important investment policy, both at the organizational level, and in terms of equipment and human resources. It is essential for us to equip ourselves with the latest generation equipment and to train our employees in these technologies, in new working techniques and methods.

The values of the logistics center:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Credibility
  • Trust and mutual respect

Excellence in our services

Composed of different departments collaborating in perfect cohesion, our logistics center manages all of our company's equipment, vehicles and machines to assure a just-in-time delivery of needed material on site. The maintenance of our machinery is one of our main concerns so that they are always operational.

This expertise, developed in-house, guarantees us to work in complete independence, anticipate the needs of our construction sites, quickly remedy any breakdowns, fully control costs and respect our deadlines.

6 hectares

Logistics centre


Vehicles and machinery


Employees (drivers, mechanics, administrative staff, etc.)

Perfect cohesion of services

180 people within our various departments


Management of vehicles, machines, vans, drivers, machinists, workshop, equipment orders from construction sites, purchases and negotiations with suppliers.

Mechanical workshop

Maintenance and repair of cars, vans, trailers and machinery.


A large stock of equipment, tools, consumables and spare parts for construction sites, as well as equipment for the maintenance of vehicles and machinery.

On-site recovery

A breakdown on a construction site? We have vans ready to go there and make the necessary repairs.


Our welding workshop can repair or create custom parts in-house. A skill that comes in handy in times of material shortages and long delivery times.

Car body shop

A bodyshop and painting workshop allow us to repair and restore life and colour to damaged bodywork. We also use the workshop to paint our own vehicles in the company colours.


Fitting and storage of tires for our fleet of vehicles, company cars and vans. This allows us to minimize the downtime of a machine / truck / car.

Training and innovation centre

Our training centre allows us to remain up-to-date with new developments in the skills, materials and techniques required for our activity and to train our employees in their application. From new materials and technologies to health and safety measures, our staff remain informed about new developments.

The centre is also attentive to the needs of our sites and is often called upon to develop equipment and devices to facilitate certain specific tasks.

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