Félix Giorgetti's partners

A perfect synergy of skills

The key to the Giorgetti group’s success lies in the diversification of our activities and expertise such as crane rental, the production and application of asphalt and steel supply. This synergy of skills within the group allows us to be visionary as well as strategic and makes us a first-class player in construction and real estate in Luxembourg. It permits us to work in symbiosis in the realisation of our projects and ensure the sustainability of our partner companies, each one a recognised and respected player and employer in its sector of activity.

Conducting the most ambitious projects

Our ability to conduct all of the essential activities in real estate and construction gives us a global vision of all stages of a project, from budget to manpower and material needs. It guarantees autonomy in the design and implementation of our projects as we maintain total control of the supply chain, production, costs and schedules. This in turn allows us to take a sustainable approach by optimizing on-site activities and reducing travel.

From renting the cranes needed for a site to signing rental contracts for large public partnership projects, our group has the know-how and experience to ensure that all types of projects, whether civil engineering or real estate, take place in the most seamless and profitable ways possible.

The partners that make up the Giorgetti group are themselves key players in construction and real estate in Luxembourg and in the Greater Region:

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Kuhn Construction

The eldest construction actor in the Grand-Duchy

Founded in 1897, Kuhn Construction is the oldest family-owned construction business in Luxembourg. Its activities include construction infrastructures, housing and apartments, as well as the conversion and renovation of buildings. Kuhn Construction has been awarded the Made in Luxembourg label (which promotes Luxembourg products and services) and holds the distinction of being, “Official Supplier to the Grand Ducal Court.” It joined the Giorgetti group in 2006.

In summary

Developer and general construction company

  • 125+ years of experience
  • 420+ employees

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