Sustainable Development

Building and preserving our future

Preserving the environment is a priority, therefore we strive to limit our impact on the climate, to optimise resources and preserve the natural environment on a daily basis

Each of our construction projects are carefully studied to explore all the opportunities to promote sustainable development, the circular economy, optimise energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and the impacts of construction and demolition waste generated. Our goal is to enhance each step in the production chain. The synergies generated thanks to the Giorgetti group’s subsidiaries make it possible for us to act together to protect the environment.

Our efforts is this regard also involve the certification of our initiatives such as obtaining the SuperDrecksKëscht and ISO 14001 labels by our QHSE department.

A study by the International Energy Agency shows that the construction sector is responsible for more than a third of global energy consumption and 40% of total direct and indirect CO2 emissions, heating and air conditioning being the principal polluters.

As a leader in this sector, we are fully aware of our responsibility to reduce the gas emissions of our activities and operation of our construction projects. This is why our technical department continuously works to identify the areas where we can find alternative solutions to make our constructions more energy efficient and sustainable.

Our commitment to this can be seen at all levels of our business, in our offices, in conducting our studies, as well as on our sites. We welcome all ideas and initiatives. Being eco-responsible is a way of life for us. It is how we will achieve our common goals of sustainable investments in a sustainable world.

Commitment at all levels

The Écogio label

The Écogio label was created in 2006, in response to increasingly stringent demands for energy savings as well as to anticipate the arrival of new standards in this area. Developed on the basis of our vast experience, the concept guarantees the energy performance of our buildings. Our teams are qualified, trained and equipped to perform thermography tests before the completion of works and an approved control body continuously monitors our projects as they progress. In recognition of our efforts to remain aware of environmental issues and be at the forefront of technical developments, our company has been awarded the "Energie fir d´Zukunft" label.

Respect for the environment

Our employees are fully aware of the importance of protecting the environment in all our activities, in our offices as well as on our sites. Sorting waste is systematic and part of the culture of our company. Indeed, in order to demonstrate the importance we place on waste sorting, we have achieved the SuperDrecksKëscht label on several of our sites – Mediabay on Kirchberg, the Cloche d’Or business hub, the P&R at Mersch railway station as well as in the ecological upgrade of the Pertrusse valley. Our goal is to achieve this label on all of our sites.

The SuperDrecksKëscht (SDK) label is equivalent to the ISO 14024 standard. It is awarded by the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, the Chamber of Trades and the Chamber of Commerce in recognition of the good ecological management of a company.

In fact, the SDK label is only awarded to companies that develop and put into practice a detailed waste management plan.

The next step for our company is to finalise our work to obtain ISO 14001 certification.

We also continually invest in the latest generation machines and equipment to be sure our sites operate with respect for the environment, with reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. We also systematically use a non-polluting oil on our sites

Preserving biodiversity

We aim to integrate all of our constructions into their economic, social and natural environment. We analyse how to minimize our impact on flora and fauna in order to protect and allow them to flourish.

This is particularly the case in our newer developments where we try to integrate existing vegetation into new neighbourhoods, to create new green areas, create flowery meadows, construct private and public gardens and respect the habitats of local wildlife.

To support us in this effort we collaborate closely with ÖkoBüro, an alliance of 20 Austrian organizations who work for the protection of the environment, nature and animals.

Promoting renewable energy

Our technical department is always on the lookout for how we can integrate renewable energies into our new constructions. Solar panels, hydraulic or thermal energy, we research all possibilities to find the best way to harness natural energy in the production of electricity and heating.

Encouraging a circular economy

At Félix Giorgetti we believe in and practice a circular economy strategy.

Although we use a substantial amount of materials in our activities each year, nothing is wasted.

It is important for us to optimize resources as much as possible. Cuttings from earthworks and rubble from demolition are used to make road safety boxes for example. Excavated stones that look good are cut for use in the facing of other constructions. This approach also allows us to reduce landfill and limit our carbon footprint.

Saving energy

Thanks to the extensive research conducted by our technical department, we are able to select quality materials and equipment for use in our activities. Materials that are designed for optimal energy performance in order to reduce their impact on the environment and guarantee their sustainability. Our constructions are systematically equipped for low energy consumption: LED lighting, proximity sensors, smart lifts where energy can be recovered and adjusted according to the load, intelligent ventilation, refrigerated gas air conditioning. New generation materials and equipment, 50% greener...

Eco-responsible materials

Thanks to our subsidiary Green Stone, we build houses made of walls prefabricated in Poroton® (terracotta), which contains rock wool insulation, with excellent energy performance. They also allow construction to be completed in just a few days. As they are made in our factory in Bastogne, we can also limit the transport of materials and concrete pumps, reduce waste on the site, as well as noise pollution for the neighbourhood.

Optimizing construction sites

Launched in 2013, our Lean and Methods department has become a real pioneer in the organisation of construction sites. Lean management is an organisational approach where all stakeholders in a project collaborate to achieve greater efficiency.

Before the launch of a new construction project, each step is carefully analysed, and each supplier is rigorously chosen so that the work takes place under the best possible conditions and that both material and human resources are optimised. In this way we save time, reduce travel, the overconsumption of raw materials and waste on the site.

Félix Giorgetti is a privileged partner in the construction of projects that have nature at their heart

We are proud to have been chosen by the City of Luxembourg for the ecological renovation of the Pétrusse valley (which aims to recreate the natural riverbed and restore its ecosystem which has become degraded and artificialized), and the creation of the Parc de Gasperich (an area of 16.6 ha, set to be the largest park in the capital), which includes the ecological renovation of the Drosbach stream.

Other institutions such as Ponts & Chaussées (Bridges & Roads) have also entrusted us with the construction of eco-passages to facilitate the movement of wildlife over major traffic arteries.

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