lux-Airport maintenance hall

2022 - 2023


Structural WorkIndustrial

lux-Airport maintenance hall

Félix Giorgetti carried out the structural work on the new lux-Airport hangar for the maintenance of the Luxair fleet.

This new infrastructure plays a decisive role for the Luxembourg airline. 

The new facility, located southwest of the runway, will replace the historic hangar built in 1951 in Neudorf and will be able to accommodate, for example, two large and one small commercial aircraft.

In this huge maintenance hall, the slab - made of 300 t of reinforcement and 1,800 m3 of concrete - is equipped with an underfloor heating system, and energy supply manholes called "PITS" (compressed air/electricity/kerosene vapour extraction) will optimise the work of the technicians.

110 x 100 m



Maintenance hall


Administration building


Workshops and storage spaces


Metal frames


Concrete for the hall floor

Supporting staff growth

In addition to the hangar, the structure includes workshops, storage areas and an administrative building that will accommodate the 160 or so Luxair Technics employees and support future growth.

The project started in May 2022 and was completed in record time, with the structural work delivered, as planned, less than a year later, in March 2023.

Further works

After the rehabilitation of the Findel runway, the construction of a retention basin and the E121 security post, to name but a few, this is a new project carried out for lux-Airport that has been successfully completed.

In addition to the initial order, the construction of a 250m2 guardhouse and the external works (including the user car park and the extension of the taxi park on the runway) were also added. The latter were carried out in joint venture.