An iconic building for the Big Four

2012 - 2014
Luxembourg - Kirchberg


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New headquarters for KPMG Luxembourg

Turnkey design and construction of the new headquarters of the accounting firm

KPMG entrusted Félix Giorgetti with the complete development and construction of its new headquarters in Kirchberg. A building with an exceptional and remarkable architecture on the largest avenue in the Luxembourg business district.

34,000 m2

Global surface




Underground levels

Very good

BREEAM label

From A to Z

For KPMG, Félix Giorgetti led a complete project development, investment consulting and construction mission for a turnkey project.

Land in Kirchberg

KPMG Luxembourg was looking for a plot of land on the Kirchberg Plateau where it could become the owner of its own building, set up its headquarters there, and group together all its employees. In order to do so, the audit and consulting firm had to submit a tender to the Fund for the Urbanisation and Development of the Kirchberg Plateau (FUAK), the owner and manager of the space. Félix Giorgetti had already taken on a similar mission during the creation of a new headquarters for law firm Arendt & Medernach, also in Kirchberg. The construction company gave KPMG Luxembourg the benefit of his local roots, its experience and its in-depth knowledge of the market, institutions and local actors in order to lay the foundations of this ambitious project.

We guided our client through the entire process, starting with the preparation of the application for the FUAK tender which had to include financial, legal, technical and architectural studies of the project. This first step ended in success with the signing of the deed of sale.

Overall coordination

Félix Giorgetti undertook the overall coordination of the development, construction, completion and interior fittings for the project, and acted as the sole interlocutor with KPMG Luxembourg in order to facilitate discussions and decision-making. More than just a source of support, Félix Giorgetti proved a fount of valuable suggestions. We took the initiative especially when it came to the strong and distinctive identity of the building. Today, its load-bearing facade of cross-shaped Corten (a self-patinating steel) elements, glass and aluminium has become a real architectural signature and a landmark on the main traffic artery of Kirchberg.

A turnkey project

As a specialist in project development and management, Félix Giorgetti mobilised all of its know-how and skills to guarantee the success of this project. Our teams were responsible for the entire development, construction, completion and fitting out of the building.

It was an ultra-functional turnkey project, with the 1,250 employees of the audit and consulting firm moving in at the beginning of 2015.

Technical features

It is one of the most remarkable buildings on avenue J.-F. Kennedy, the main traffic artery in Kirchberg.

The new headquarters of the Big Four KPMG Luxembourg, is distinguished by its unique architecture, with a load-bearing facade made of Corten steel, formed by X-shaped elements. A second skin at 50 cm from the load-bearing elements, is a curtain wall composed of triple-glazed windows.

The building has 4 basements for parking and archives, and 5 floors of 2,000m² to 2,700m² per level, providing almost 17,900m².

Highly functional and offering great flexibility of layout, the building includes:

  • a large atrium in the centre, spanning all levels;
  • an entrance hall of some 340m²;
  • 5 floors;
  • 1 basement with some natural light;
  • 3 basements for parking, utility rooms and archives;
  • bicycle parking close to the new tram line.

The building required BREEAM certification for its design, construction and operation, and was awarded a “very good” label.


Project owner / Client

KPMG Luxembourg


Valentiny hvp architects

Space planning

TDO Consulting

Key figures

Building's dimensions

59.50 x 50m



Corten steel structure for the load-bearing facade


Office space