The Dairy House Building

2006 - 2008


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The Dairy House Building

In partnership with HSBC Luxembourg, Félix Giorgetti invested in this superb administrative building of 8,000m2 (above ground). HSBC Luxembourg then went on to be tenant.

Between 2006 and 2008, Félix Giorgetti invested in a superb administrative building of 8,000m2 (above ground), built on the former site of the “Molkerei” on Boulevard d'Avranches.

The development team for this project was made up of our designers and the Florentine architects Bertoni & Associati, Together, they developed a building of unparalleled elegance that dominates the skyline of the Pétrusse valley.

The facade includes black polished concrete with large bay windows framed by Trespa plates. In addition to its appearance, the building also meets the latest requirements in terms of air conditioning, ventilation, wiring, communication and security. All these qualities convinced HSBC Luxembourg to set up its new head office there as soon as it was completed.

The interior fittings were designed and produced by our subsidiary, which remains facility & building mananger to this day.


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