Mercier Building

2014 - 2016
Luxembourg City


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New headquarters of Post Luxembourg

For Post Luxembourg, Félix Giorgetti carried out the structural work of its new headquarters located in the station district in Luxembourg City.

The new headquarters of Post Luxembourg, which is located rue de Reims in the station district of Luxembourg City, consists of six above-ground levels for postal services with retail areas, a canteen, offices and a technical floor at roof level.

The building also has two underground levels covering the entire footprint area which hold parking spaces, technical rooms, archives and sanitary facilities, as well as a third partial underground level housing the tank for the sprinkler system. The building is “gold” certified under the German DGNB sustainability certification system.


60 x 60m



Floor area




Above ground


Gross volume

Works completed included

  • Earthworks partly on old underground galleries, through very hard category 7 rock, for the foundations and the sprinkler system tank;
  • Underground water and sewerage networks, grounding, underground vertical sealing and insulation;
  • Building structure in reinforced concrete;
  • Watertight concrete of the main foundation plate and the underground car park slab using Bagrat KS300 silicate-based additive (which significantly improves the quality of the concrete) and surface treatment with Bagrat ES2K;
  • Peripheral wall elevations of underground levels cast in place in water-repellent concrete against the excavation pit shoring;
  • QA1 quality exposed concrete in a very light colour for the floor slabs with a lay-out pattern of 1.35m x 2.70m;
  • Thermo-active concrete slab;
  • Prefabricated staircases with exposed concrete landings and peripheral coved plinths;
  • Prefabricated facade elements in Luxembourg sandstone colour, acid-etched surface for the base of the building (at ground floor level);
  • Main portal frames in lattice girders with a span of 24.3m in hollow tubes for the glass roof over the atrium.

Key Figures

Reinforced concrete


QA1 quality exposed concrete with lay-out grid


Exposed formwork




Portal frame