A new step has been taken

4 May 2022
Luxembourg - Avenue de la Gare


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A new step

A new step has been taken for our mixed-use project located at the 29-31 avenue de la Gare in Luxembourg-City with the completion of the structural work.

The structural work teams have now given way to the Functional Buildings team, which will carry out the finishing work. On the agenda for the next few months: the installation of exterior joineries with wooden frames on the outside and aluminum frames on the inside and the installation of interior partitions.

370m2 of historical facade

Conjugate past and future

The historical facade, which has been preserved, is the real architectural signature of the project and will be restored after the collective summer vacations. This mission is carried out in collaboration with the architect of the Service des sites et monuments nationaux.

In total, 370m2 of the facade will be given a second life and will be enhanced by the rest of the facade, which will be clad in light-colored natural stone.

A traversing crane

The tower crane that was used for the structural work is still on site and is traversing the-1 and the ground floors. It will be removed in July and the slabs will then be closed.

Predicted end: spring 2023.


Important preparatory work

Important preparatory work

As a reminder, this mixed-use project will consist of 2,300 m2 of offices and 876 m2 of shops on the first floor. Its realization required major preparatory works including the demolition of the existing buildings and the earthwork of the ground composed of very hard rock of category 7. An important stabilization system was put in place in order to protect the surrounding buildings and the historical facade.