Cessange House, the synergy of our expertise

27 July 2023



Cessange House, the synergy of our expertise

In Cessange, a charming district of the capital, the construction of the Cessange House illustrates all the expertise of the Giorgetti Group. The shell of this new Félix Giorgetti residential project is being built by Pianon using Green Stone prefabricated concrete walls, and will be operated by Rentaroo, our subsidiary specialising in the rental of high-quality short and medium-term accommodation.

At the start of the summer holidays, the structural work on Cessange House, which began in January, was almost complete. Our partner Pianon's teams will soon make way for those of our Housing department to complete the finishing work. "The four-sided roof structure will be installed at the end of September, and we'll be starting to lay the partitions and install the technical, electrical and sanitary fittings in October," explains Bastien Tomasini, our Housing works supervisor.

Tricky construction

The construction of this new 20-bedroom residence presented a certain challenge, as it replaced an adjoining building.

"In order to preserve the neighbouring building, the demolition was carried out in several phases. We kept the wall of the old building to support it. As we went along, this wall was replaced by the new structure," explains Bastien.

A structure composed of concrete elements prefabricated by Green Stone

The structure is largely made up of concrete elements prefabricated by Green Stone, which saved a considerable amount of time in terms of planning. "It took just one day per floor for delivery, assembly and adjustment of the walls. That's impressive! For the rest, we poured concrete on site, for the window spandrels for example, as well as the pre-cast walls. On the technical side, there were other challenges to guarantee the stability of the house. "There are 7 m between the two load-bearing walls of the new house. We therefore used 40 and 50 cm thick beams in the framework, and the beams in the duplex bedrooms will be U-shaped to support the mezzanine."

For this project, our interior architects have selected top-of-the-range finishes that Rentaroo customers will be able to enjoy from early 2025.