Race against the clock at Findel

15 March 2024


Civil Engineering

Race against the clock at Findel

On 17 February last, Félix Giorgetti pushed a 2,500-tonne frame under the Route de Trèves (N1). An operation as delicate as it was spectacular, orchestrated with precision by our teams over many months.

The arrival of the tram at Findel is accompanied by the creation of a large amount of infrastructure. In this context, the Ponts et Chaussées have entrusted us with the construction of a concrete frame (lot 2c) to be riveted under the Route de Trèves, and which will complete the route of a cut-and-cover that we have also built to allow the tram to pass under the future motorway ramps towards Findel and Senningerberg.

The project began in November with the construction of a 45 m long, 10 m wide and 7 m high frame alongside the N1 trunk road. It then came to fruition on 17 February with the shifting operation, which involved sliding the 2,500-tonne structure into place.

5,000 m3 of earthworks

To do this, we first had to prepare the ground. The start of an intense week was given on 12 February.

Our teams took it in turns day and night to dig up part of the Trèves road, remove 5,000m3 of material, install the equipment needed for ripping and carry out a few tests to ensure that everything was ready for D-day.

2.5 hours of shifting

At 9am on 17 December, the moment finally arrived! Using jacks, the structure was gently pushed at a rate of 20 m per hour towards its final location 48.5 m away. The impressive scene was closely watched by everyone, and even had the honour of receiving a visit from Minister Yuriko Backes. Four and a half hours later, the framework was in place.

"The complex operation of riprap requires a great deal of skill and is one of the key moments in the work to extend the tram network to Findel."

Yuricko Backes
Minister for Mobility and Public Transport

Reshape the route de Trèves

But the challenge is not over yet, as the route de Trèves is due to reopen to traffic very soon.

The clock is ticking and there are only a few hours left for our teams, who are working around the clock, to backfill more than 2,500m3 of material to reshape the road and make way for our partner Julien Cajot, who will add the finishing touch by laying the asphalt mix. Traffic resumed on Monday 19 February at 6am. Mission accomplished!

Congratulations to our teams for this successful operation.