An exemplary pace for Daytona

3 July 2023



An exemplary pace for Daytona

After a first successful experience building the Monza residence, our teams have once again called on Green Stone to produce prefabricated concrete elements for its neighbour, Daytona.

At Wickrange, our Monza and Daytona residences are now firmly established alongside our GRIDX multi-centre. While completion work is under way on the former, construction of the latter began in May. And as with Monza, Giorgetti Group company Green Stone is responsible for much of the structural work.

Monza sets an example

"Using concrete elements prefabricated by Green Stone was a first for all of us. It was a real challenge. It was a very conclusive experience, and taught us a lot for the future," says Damien Gallizzi, our main Housing works manager. All the structural works, housing and lean construction departments, in close collaboration with Green Stone, paid close attention to organisation and good communication to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Efficiency on site and speed of execution were exemplary. We were able to save three months on a 'conventional' schedule. That's why we decided to use the same construction principle for Daytona.

1,000 m2 per month thanks to Green Stone

This time, in addition to the lift shafts and their roof covering, the English courtyards and some external walls, Green Stone will supply the lift tanks, all the cellar partitions and basement columns, the balconies and loggias with the spandrels (small walls) and flights of stairs.

With a total surface area of 11,000m2, Daytona will be made up of 387 prefabricated elements.

There will even be 92 prefabricated masonry walls with concrete blocks," explains Romeo Martins, Technical Director of Green Stone. In terms of planning, we have estimated 12 months for the structural work, with around 1,000 m2 completed per month.

The residence of 60 flats - comprising four storeys, a ground floor, a mezzanine and a basement with 126 parking spaces - will be completed in April 2024. It will be ready to welcome its first residents in early 2026.