The "Neie Wal" ecoduct, a new route for wildlife

23 March 2023


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The "Neie Wal" ecoduct

New wildlife route takes shape

Anyone travelling on the A3 towards France will have noticed that a new Félix Giorgetti construction site has set up at the border in Zoufftgen.

The long-announced construction of a new ecoduct called "Neie Wal" for the Ponts & Chaussées as part of the widening of the A3 began last July. After preparatory clearing work, the teams moved to the former customs station and started digging.

Traffic is now on two lanes (without hard shoulder) at 70km/h and safety barriers have been installed. At the end of July, a Skyliners tower crane was installed, followed by the pouring of the concrete on which the foundations of the 40m wide structure could be laid.