Very satisfied teams at Félix Giorgetti

23 May 2023



Fulfilled teams

Concerned about the well-being of its employees, Félix Giorgetti conducted a survey on well-being at work among its employees at the end of 2022. The results are very satisfactory and show a strong attachment to our company and our values.

In September 2020, Felix Giorgetti successfully obtained the 45001 certification, the standard developed for organisations that want to improve the safety of their employees, reduce psychosocial risks (PSR) in their workplace and create better and safer working conditions.

Assessing psychosocial risks

PSR is a growing issue in our society in general. In France, the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Integration defines them as "a risk to the physical and mental health of workers. Their causes are to be found in the conditions of employment, factors linked to the organisation of work and work relations. They can concern all companies, whatever their size and sector of activity". 

Poorly managed situations can lead to stress, burnout or violence. Studies show that a person working under pressure is five times more likely to have an accident at work. In Europe, the cost of stress, with its consequences of absenteeism and loss of productivity, is estimated at 20 billion euros.

The assessment of PSRs makes it possible to characterise the quality of life at work and to propose a coherent action plan.

Strong values

It is therefore with a will of continuous improvement that, at the end of 2022, we conducted a survey among our employees on well-being at work.

First, they were invited to answer a completely anonymous questionnaire consisting of 80 questions on 12 themes. Several groups of people from different departments then took part in informal discussions led by our partner Pétillances.

A "very good" result

With a participation rate of more than 50%, we were able to draw up a very positive assessment. We are particularly proud of the results of this survey, which show a deep attachment to our company and a great deal of confidence in the company and its management. All employees share the same family values and are very concerned about the quality of their work.

A specially created steering committee is already working to propose actions to improve our results and strengthen our strengths.


Our employees rate their job satisfaction at 8/10.