Ettelbruck gets off the ground

18 December 2023


Office Buildings

Ettelbruck gets off the ground

In Ettelbruck, Landimmo Real Estate - a member of the Landewyck Group - has entrusted Félix Giorgetti and CDCL with the construction of Ettelbruck One, its new Nordstad Administrative Centre, which will house administration, offices, shops and restaurants. This exciting project began last September.

Certified BREEAM Very Good, the 20,000 m2 complex comprises two buildings on a common trunk of five levels - two of which are underground - covering 5,000 m2. The first building will rise to a height of 31 m over eight storeys, while the second will have five storeys and a height of 21 m.

This project has a number of special features, in particular the floors, which will be made of exposed concrete from the first floor upwards - requiring particular care during construction to ensure a perfect appearance.

At the start of the winter break, our teams are completing the basement rafters, on which the perimeter walls will be built with double-height formwork and the intermediate floors.

The external joinery and façade work will be carried out in parallel with the structural work, involving the installation of 360 windows and 4,000 m2 of brickwork.

Delivery : July 2025