Extra 26.000m2 for WDP in Eurohub

6 May 2022



Extra 26.000m2 for WDP in Eurohub

WDP has renewed its trust in Félix Giorgetti for the construction of its fourth industrial hall at Eurohub in Dudelange, the country's largest logistics hub.

On the Eurohub site, after a long pause of two years due to the Covid-19 crisis, the construction of hall 4 resumed at the end of 2021 with the installation of the metal framework. With its 252m in length, 103m in width and 14m in height, the building consists of 5 cells of 5,000m² each. All for a total area of ​​26,000m².

Before the recovery, our Civil Engineering teams had made about 270 foundations to allow the installation of the posts of the frame. They are now working on finalizing the connections between the networks inside and outside the building, before tackling the exterior fittings (laying retaining walls, curbs and construction of car parks for a total of 120 spaces ).

On the Functional Buildings side, the construction of the first three cells is nearing completion with a delivery scheduled for next September. Siding and roofing work is in progress. The last two cells will be delivered in the spring of 2023.