Gio Inside, April 2023

5 May 2023



Gio Inside • April 2023 issue

Take a look behind the scenes of our most beautiful construction sites, projects and have a look to our latest news.

We bring a focus on our increasingly strong environmental policy. In recent years, we have invested in a number of projects that will enable us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint: a crusher to optimise our resources or our new zero-carbon Poolhouse office building, for example.

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A busy start to the year

We also talk about the major construction projects that took place at the beginning of the year, such as the construction of the Höhenhof boulevard to prepare for the arrival of the tram at Findel, the construction of the game crossing on the A3 or part of the new Bettembourg-Luxembourg railway line, are just a few examples that you can discover in our magazine.

Discover our current and future real estate projects. Whether for residential or office buildings, our teams combine all their expertise, from design to construction and handover, to develop projects of incomparable quality.

Finally, in our magazine, you will find all the latest news about Félix Giorgetti and the partner companies of our Group.

Enjoy your reading!