Gio Inside • December 2022 edition

26 January 2023


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The new edition of Gio Inside, the construction magazine by Félix Giorgetti, is out! Amongst other things, you will find...

Structural work, civil engineering, residential, offices, functional buildings... In this new issue of our Gio Inside, we take a look at our current projects and worksites within Felix Giorgetti, but also within the Giorgetti Group companies such as Kuhn Construction, Green Stone, Concept+Partners and Rentaroo.

Green Stone's concret lift shafts starring in our reportage

Our reportage is dedicated to an innovation, the one developed by Green Stone, our prefabricated masonry walls subsidiary, which has started to prefabricate concrete elements. The company has prefabricated concrete lift shafts for our Monza residence, which will save a significant amount of time on the construction schedule. A first in Luxembourg! Find out how this solution became a reality and what is at stake for this project and others to come.

Presenting our Special techniques department

With more than 600 employees, Félix Giorgetti brings together a wide range of professions and skills. Find out more about our Special Techniques department, its missions and its role in the projects we develop.

A complicated situation for our sector

Finally, in our editorial, Paul and Marc Giorgetti take stock of the complicated situation our sector is facing and call on the government to quickly put in place solutions so that it can get out of it.

You can read this issue at the following link: Gio Inside • December Edition

Have a nice read !