Large volumes with GPS precision

12 January 2024



Large volumes with GPS precision

In 2023, Skyliners has made major investments to offer even greater precision, performance and efficiency to our worksites.

A fast-erecting crane, two trucks and 15 machines (excavators, bulldozers and rollers) have joined our fleet.

One example is the Liebherr R956 crawler excavator, which joined our workforce in July.  Its features are impressive, with a bucket that can hold up to 3.50 m3, a weight of 63 tonnes, and working capacities at heights and depths of up to 15 m and 9 m respectively. This machine is an invaluable ally when it comes to major earthworks on our sites.

What's more, our surveyors have equipped it with the Leica GPS 3D guidance system with two GNSS antennae, a variable flight, a tilting bucket and semi-automatic steering mode. Technology for fast, precise earthmoving in complete safety, thanks to its peripheral cameras!

Last November, our new machine started work on its first major project, the redesign of the Pontpierre interchange on the A4 motorway, involving 83,000 m3 of earthworks.