"Our logistics centre is our strength"

22 May 2023



"Our logistics centre is our strength"

Since 1979, Félix Giorgetti has set up its logistics centre in Leudelange, on a 5-hectare site. A place where our material, equipment, vehicles and machines are stored, managed and maintained. And while our family business has become the Giorgetti Group by welcoming the construction companies Kuhn, Cajot, CDCL and Pianon respectively, it has become obvious to develop this tool at the heart of our operational success for many years. This is why, since 1 January, our logistics centre has become a fully-fledged entity managed by our subsidiary Skyliners, already specialised in the rental of cranes and construction equipment.

What is the added value of this centralized management?

Alex Giorgetti: The Giorgetti Group has grown significantly over the last few decades and it became necessary to organise ourselves better. We took advantage of Skyliners' presence on site and its excellent reputation as a specialist in the sale and rental of Liebherr cranes and other construction equipment to turn our logistics centre into a full-fledged company.

This new entity now has over 200 employees, and in terms of equipment this includes over 540 vehicles and machines, 150 tower cranes, 75 fast erecting cranes and 15 mobile cranes.

We have also implemented management software that will allow us to collect reliable data to help us make decisions. In short, this is pure logistics, but it represents a very important issue for the future... .

What does this mean ?

The resilience of our supply chain is very important: we are facing material shortages, labour shortages, longer delivery times and rising prices. Having a company that only deals with these challenges of organisation, maintenance and anticipation will allow our construction sites to concentrate on their work, they know they can count on us.



What are the ambitions for our logistics centre?

Our logistics centre is not an evil but an advantage.

Traditionally, a logistics centre is seen as a necessary evil, but for us it is a strategic advantage. We see a lot of companies who disinvest, who prefer to rent because they have problems with the occupation of machines, maintenance or depreciation.

Structuring our logistics centre allows us, on the contrary, to offer our customers and our sites a more advanced service, to pool our resources and to increase our financial capacities. This is something we could not do if each of the companies in the group kept its own fleet of equipment. Optimising the use of our machines allows us to better amortise our costs while boosting the competitiveness of all of us thanks to a high-performance fleet.

Recently, the logistics centre has been equipped with new tools...

In fact, over the last three years, we have made significant investments with a view to being more efficient, reactive and effective.

For example, we have a tyre workshop: if a lorry or machine gets a puncture, we can intervene very quickly so that the site can be resumed as soon as possible.


We have also set up a formwork washing station. This is the basis for the quality of our work. A well-maintained formwork gives a superior finish. We have therefore invested in high-pressure cleaning equipment with waste water recovery so that the equipment arrives on site in perfect condition and is ready for use. This efficiency is our strength.

Many customers like working with us. They know that if they have any problems, they can count on our presence and responsiveness.

Are there any prospects for acquiring other equipment?

We have some ideas, but our priority today is to increase the quality of the services we already offer internally. Then we will have to develop new skills, such as lime treatment. This requires machines that are very expensive and difficult to amortize. They are complicated to use, so we would also need a specially trained machinist. If our Group has one, and all our companies use it, it will be interesting for us.