The new hangar takes off

27 June 2023



The new hangar takes off

In Sandweiler, after building the shell of the Luxair maintenance hangar on behalf of lux-Airport, Félix Giorgetti is now in charge of its exterior fittings.

As the maintenance hangar gradually takes on the Luxair colours, our teams have been working since last May on laying the roads and creating the networks and infrastructure surrounding the new building. This vast task includes

  • Creating access roads from the Remich road;
  • Creating a 107-space car park for Luxair Technics employees;
  • Construction of a road linking the hangar to the runways;
  • The installation of networks and pipes, as well as the construction of a retention basin.

A car park for planes

The project also includes connecting the hangar to the taxilane (a taxiway between the runways and the various infrastructures) and creating a parking area that can accommodate two aircraft.

"This is the challenge of the project, stresses Mathieu Repplinger, works manager. Because of the weight of the aircraft, the car park will consist of a 40cm thick concrete slab resting on a 20cm layer of clean concrete and 5cm of asphalt to make the slab more flexible."

In October, a concrete plant will be installed on site to produce the 4,000m3 needed to build the 120 x 90m slab. "The car park will be concreted using a 10m wide concrete finisher. The car park will be made up of slabs with a 5 x 5m grid connected by a set of dowels. In addition, to minimise the environmental impact of building the taxilane, we opted for a soil treatment solution using a lime/cement mix," he adds.

Asphalt by Julien Cajot

Julien Cajot - a Giorgetti Group company - will be taking on the challenge of finishing off the exterior landscaping work. In all, more than 10,000 t of asphalt will be laid, including 1,300 t just under the concrete layer of the car park covering 10,800 m2.

Completion of this exciting project is scheduled for early 2024.

We would like to thank lux-Airport and Luxair for their continued confidence in us with each new assignment. It is an honour and a source of great pride for us to contribute to the development of the airport business in Luxembourg.