Report - Learning and growing at Felix Giorgetti

21 November 2022


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Learning and growing at Felix Giorgetti

A report produced by RTL in partnership with Fedil "Eis Industrie meng Zukunft" .

In a series of reports entitled "Eis Industrie meng Zukunft", produced in partnership with Fedil, RTL presents portraits of young people working in Luxembourg's industrial sector.

This week, the cameras followed Umit Ozkaya, a young assistant works manager for the past three years at Félix Giorgetti. At the heart of our construction site on Avenue de la Gare in Luxembourg City, he explains his career path, his passion for his work and the various tasks he carries out on a daily basis.

"What I like about my job is to benefit from the experience of my colleagues and superiors in order to develop my work," he explains.

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