Health and Safety Awareness Week

18 April 2023



Health and Safety Awareness Week

From 30 January to 3 February, almost 400 of our employees took part in our traditional Health and Safety Awareness Week which took place at the IFSB.

The health and safety of our employees is one of our major concerns, so it is essential for us to organise regular training sessions.

The programme included theoretical and practical workshops aimed at raising awareness among participants, workers and supervisors, of the proper use of equipment, the dangers to which they may be exposed and the best practices to adopt, not only for their own safety but also for that of others.

"Thanks to the major projects we are carrying out, we are actively contributing to the development of our country, and we can be proud of this", explained Alex Giorgetti, Head of our Logistics Centre and Process Optimisation, in his welcome speech. "But it is also important to end the day in good health, both physical and mental. That's why it's important for us to protect our teams, to bring awareness. At every moment, we must be vigilant, on our building sites but also on the road, and think about each of our actions and their consequences."

Alex Giorgetti also recalled the company's objectives in terms of QSE, which are "to accentuate and develop our safety approach, to strengthen our environmental policy, to continue to invest in equipment to offer a quality service to our customers and to guarantee the safety and health of our employees. We must also maintain our ISO certifications and now aim for BREEAM certifications."

He concluded: "It is thanks to you that we are where we are now, and it is important that you continue to participate in these training activities. Our continuous evolutionary approach helps us weather the storms and seize the opportunities."

6 theoretical and practical workshops

Our employees participated in six workshops on the following themes

  • Handling manual loads: adopting the right gestures and postures for carrying loads, knowing the risks and pathologies of the back.
  • Use of electroportable machines: the different types of machines, rules of use and protection measures.
  • Shoring of trenches: instructions for the safe shoring of trenches.
  • 5S method: optimising working conditions and the working environment by ensuring that it is kept tidy, clean and safe.
  • P3D platform: unfolding, moving and installing a P3D platform according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Risk hunt: an interactive exercise to identify the risks present on a construction site.

These reminders of good practice will ensure the health and safety of all our teams on our sites.

We would like to thank our employees for their participation and involvement, as well as the IFSB for its hospitality. See you next year!