A state-of-the-art service

10 October 2023



A state-of-the-art service

Surveyors are essential to the smooth running of our projects. They explain us their missions and how new technologies have revolutionized their profession.

What does the surveyor's job involve?

We measure what already exists and lay out the future. In practical terms, this means marking out the positions of projects, measuring their layout, taking readings and checking that they are being carried out correctly. We are the link between the field and the office.

So we're present at every stage of a project. We work as much with civil engineering as with structural work, finishing work and even real estate.

How is your team made up and organised?

We have a team of 12 people who work for the whole of the Giorgetti Group. Our team is made up of different profiles. Each one is a very important link in our projects. We have surveyors and topographers, designers, as well as people trained in flying our drones and installing and maintaining our GPS guidance systems.

The design engineer's job is to reconstruct an entire project from plans supplied by the design office. This information will be used to guide our site machinery during earthworks, and will be used throughout the project to check that the site is well laid out.

"Above all, these tools save us time. We gather information in record time, and above all it's very reliable".

What technologies do you use?

Over the last few years, our equipment has expanded considerably and we have made significant investments. We work with ultra-high-performance tools such as GPS guidance systems, drones, laser scanners and software to interpret, implement and share the data collected.

A GPS guidance system now equips all our mechanical shovels and bulldozers. We had five five years ago, we now have around forty. Thanks to the data generated by our planners and the assisted steering, we can carry out work with a very high degree of precision. So much so that the machine itself can lay out a project on the ground or indicate the quantity of material in a bucket. We can also intervene remotely on the machine and the steering!

We also have three drones to monitor the site and take readings. Using software, we can take centimetre-accurate measurements from the photos and model 2D and 3D views. We can calculate coordinates, surfaces, distances and volumes in just a few clicks. They can be combined with a lidar (Laser Imaging Detection and Renging) system, which scans an area with its laser and then models the area using clouds of points. These point clouds are then interpreted by software to provide us with data, map the terrain, create plans or advise us on the best way to use them.
Theodolites (optical instruments that measure angles in the horizontal and vertical planes) have also evolved considerably and can be used directly by staff on our sites. All our staff are trained to use them so that they can be more autonomous, to check layouts that we have imported into the tool, and we can assist them remotely because they are connected.

How do they affect your business?

We're more efficient! Above all, these tools save us time. We gather information in record time, and above all it's very reliable. The projects we're working on are getting bigger and bigger, and they enable us to respond more quickly to the demands of the sites.

In the past, taking measurements for the Dippach bypass (2.2 km long) would have taken us two days. Now we can do it in 50 minutes. With the portable lidar, we can survey a flat in just 10 minutes.

"Technologically, we're five years ahead! "

What are your prospects?

Technologically, we're five years ahead of the game! We've been able to test what these tools can do for us and the results are very conclusive. That's why we're also going to equip the machines of Giorgetti Group companies (CDCL and Julien Cajot in particular). In fact, we've already started installing 3D control systems on a Cajot asphalt mixer and a hydraulic excavator at CDCL.

We'd also like to expand our team. If you're a surveyor and you'd like to join a dynamic team and work with cutting-edge equipment, don't hesitate to contact us!