Skyliners becomes Leica Geosystems' official dealer

10 April 2024



Skyliners becomes Leica Geosystems' official dealer

This partnership will provide local businesses with a privileged contact for the products and technologies of this brand, recognised worldwide for its excellence and innovative solutions, particularly in the construction sector.

Last February, the company specialising in the sale and hire of cranes and construction equipment in Luxembourg and the Greater Region signed a partnership with Leica Geosystems, a member of the Swedish Hexagon Group. In doing so, Skyliners is demonstrating its commitment to excellence and innovation in the construction industry.

Local presence and responsiveness

This partnership will enable users in Luxembourg to benefit from a dedicated service - combining proximity, responsiveness and technical expertise - for the rental, sale, installation, training and maintenance of the Leica Geosystems catalogue.

"We are very proud of this collaboration with Leica Geosystems, which is a premium brand," explains Dany Hanus, administrative manager at Skyliners. Our topography department - made up of around fifteen experts - has been using its innovative products and solutions for many years. They are extremely reliable and precise in all the topography work we carry out, whether for measuring, detecting or implanting. Our expertise also extends to the installation and maintenance of guidance systems on all types of site machinery, which reduces the number of workers needed to guide the machine, thereby reducing the risk of accidents. And GPS technology is just one example of the many ways in which we can save considerable time on missions of all sizes. "Our drone enables us to map a 2.2 km long site in just 50 minutes. Before, it would have taken us two days," explains Gérard Dillinger, head of the Topography department. With the portable lidar (laser measurement system), we can carry out a surface and volume survey of a flat in 10 minutes.

Your Skyliners contact for all Leica Geosystems products

Special event on April 19th at IFSB

To mark the occasion, Skyliners and Leica Geosystems are organising an official presentation of the flagship products on 19 April at the IFSB in Bettembourg.

Four technical workshops are on the programme for this exclusive event:

  • Guided machines
  • Lasers & Levels
  • Scanners & Lidars
  • GPS & Theodolites