Inspiring trip in South Korea

22 November 2023



Inspiring trip in South Korea

In November, Félix and Alex Giorgetti traveled to South Korea for a highly inspiring and promising journey.

"South Korea is a role model for us. It's one of the most advanced countries in terms of innovation and technology. Our goal was to learn more about their technical and digital solutions, explore new trends, and develop partnerships that will enable us to innovate even more in our projects, starting with GRIDX," details Alex Giorgetti.

The main reason for this trip was indeed the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Vsion, a Korean startup specializing in smart PDLC films. Its technology proves to be very interesting for our future projects, especially for GRIDX. These films allow for the digitization of glass surfaces, managing their opacity both indoors and outdoors, projecting content via a projector, and even optimizing the energy performance of a building.

Some great meetings

"We also had many enriching and inspiring meetings. We visited the headquarters of Samsung, with whom we could potentially develop a partnership to equip GRIDX. We exchanged ideas with students from the Metes Institute (a digital world training institution) about the entrepreneurial world, our company, our vision, family values, and projects. We also visited innovative companies such as SM Entertainment, one of the largest South Korean entertainment agencies, which could assist us in creating digital content for GRIDX. In summary, this trip expanded our perspectives and gave us many ideas for the future."